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Independence Day Celebrations Bali Style

Tomorrow is Indepence Day, the day when all of Indonesia celebrates the day Indonesia claimed independence from the Netherlands in 1945. All through out the village the local people proudly display the Indonesian National flag. The flag consists two equal horizontal stripes; the top red and the bottom white. The red represents courage and the white is purity. Today our manager at Bali Lush, Adi, fought to won the Tug - O - War, and WON!

It's all part of celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day on 17th August every year. There was activities all day for the 5 Bajars that make up Manikyang. A full day of races, competitions and activities for every one. For the children there were sack races, colouring in competitions and a unique competetion "Who can get dressed for school fastest". The women competed by egg tossing, and wife/husband carrying relay. Villages battle it out with one another for bragging rights Tug O War. The last event of the day is the famous Panjat Pinang competition where men clamber up greased poles to share in sacks full of gifts.

This is how you climb an 8M wooden pole covered in engine grease. Why would you want to do such a thing? Because the poles are loaded with loot.

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